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Being a Fan

July 15, 2013

In today’s culture, it is impossible to avoid the streams of popular media. TV shows, movies, books, comics, and music fuel or society by simply being in the back burner.

Pop culture is a mold in society. They relieve us from boredom, sure. But they give us something or someone to love (or not) even while we’re not watching or participating. We care about the characters. Will Leonard ever get with Penny for good? Who will win this season’s American Idol? What is life like for a pregnant teenager? Despite some negative comments, these sites give us or someone else someone to care about. They give us characters to look up to.


A common character used as a role model is the brave Captain James T. Kirk. You may hate Star Trek as much as you’d like, but Kirk symbolized a real person, someone with flaws but the determination to run a crew of 450 people. He constantly needed the help from his First Officer Mr. Spock and his friend Leonard McCoy.

How about Marvel comics? The characters in the Marvel universe were created to be more relatable than DC’s golden age hero’s. Steve Rodgers was a simple patriot who wanted to fight for his country. Peter Parker was a high school outcast who wanted to impress a girl and money for his aunt. Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr are friends, turn apart by their extreme differences in views.


What are your role models in pop culture? Call me curious. They can be from books, movies, whatever you are inspired by.


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